Pointer: Genetic Management Simulation

You may not sell Pointer to anyone else.

You may not provide it for free. Refer interested parties to our website.

If you use the program we should be acknowledged.

If you produce a scientific paper you should cite one or more of the following:

  • Windig JJ and Oldenbroek K 2015. Genetic management of Dutch golden retriever dogs with a simulation tool. Journal of Animal Breeding and Genetics 132, 428-440.
  • Windig JJ and Doekes HP 2018. Limits to genetic rescue by outcross in pedigree dogs. Journal of Animal Breeding and Genetics 135, 238-248.
  • Windig JJ, Verweij MJW, Oldenbroek JK 2019. Reducing inbreeding rates with a breeding circle: Theory and practice in Veluws Heideschaap. Journal of Animal Breeding and Genetics 136, 51-62

We cannot be held responsible for any commercial damage that you think is the result of using Pointer.

Furthermore you are not entitled to any support whatsoever. If you do need support we may provide it on a commercial basis.

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